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Activate HuluTV on Your Device

Hulu is a premium leading streaming service in the US that offers multiple live TV channels and has a library with a massive collection of on-demand titles in a wide variety of genres through different channels. With a subscription, users can access thousands of television shows and feature-length movies on Hulu through Tv, Laptops, mobile devices, gaming consoles, etc. 

Before enjoying this incredible service, you must activate your Hulu account. Hulu can arguably be regarded as one of the best streaming platforms for the right reasons. A Hulu Activate on your device can provide a huge variety of on-demand TV shows, award-winning documentaries and movies series, home videos, sports, cartoons and live TV shows, Hulu is hitting the top list in today’s world of streaming.  

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

  • There are 4 different Hulu Plans: 
  • Hulu’s ad-supported plan costs $6.99/month (or $69.99/year) and gives you access to the ad-supported streaming library. 
  • Hulu (No Ads) costs $12.99/month and you can watch most of the same shows and movies without the ad breaks. 
  • Hulu + Live TV now with Disney+ and ESPN+ costs $69.99/month for more on-demand content and live streams from your favorite sports, entertainment, and news channels — plus extra content on Disney+ and ESPN+. 
  • Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV now with Disney+ and ESPN+ costs $75.99/month you can stream almost all videos from Hulu’s streaming library without ads. You can also take advantage of everything the Hulu Live TV plan has to offer — plus extra content on Disney+ and ESPN 

How To Create a Hulu Account?

  • Before making a Hulu account, be sure you know which Hulu plan you want to pay for. You will need an email address, personal information, your credit/debit card, and billing information to start a subscription. Once you have these things, it’s time to create your Hulu account! To sign up for Hulu: 
  • Go to Hulu.com/welcome on a web browser
  • Click on Start Your Free Trial (where eligible)
  • Select a plan: Hulu (ad-supported), Hulu (No Ads), Hulu + Live TV now with Disney+ and ESPN+, or the Disney Bundle
  • Enter your email address, password, and personal information
  • Choose your payment option and add your billing information
  • Click Submit to complete the signup process
  • Next, you get to personalize your recommendations before you start streaming on Hulu. 

How to Activate Hulu?

  • To have access to these great contents from Hulu, it is very compulsory to perform a Hulu activation on your device. Prompting a Hulu Activate takes almost a similar process on all devices, that is you get an activation code from your device and use this code to prompt a Hulu activate on your device through their website. 

How to Activate Hulu on Roku

  • To activate Hulu on Roku, you should:
  • Go to the Apps section.
  • Launch the Hulu app.
  • Record the activation code that appears on the TV screen.
  • From a different device, navigate to https://hulu.com/activate.
  • Provide your email and password to complete the log-in process.
  • When prompted, place the activation code in the dialogue box.
  • Go to the Hulu Home page, pick your preferred channel, and start watching your favorite shows on Roku. 

How to Activate Hulu on Fire Stick:

  • Go to your Fire device’s Home screen and select the search menu.
  • From the app store, search for Hulu and then click on “Download” or “Get.”
  • Launch the app and then choose your preferred TV provider. Write down the activation code that appears on the screen.
  • On your personal computer or smart mobile device, visit hulu.com/activate and click Continue.
  • Using your TV provider credentials, sign in to your Hulu account.
  • Computer
  • Launch the Hulu app on the computer.
  • Select “Sign in.”
  • Go to hulu.com/activate.
  • Enter the password for your Hulu account.
  • Enter the provided activation code and then press “Activate”. 

How to Activate Hulu on iPad

  • To activate Hulu on iPad, you should:
  • Launch the Hulu app on your iPad.
  • Select Log IN when the welcome screen appears.
  • Choose your preferred activation option.
  • Record the activation code that appears on the screen.
  • Go to the hulu.com/activation page.
  • Enter the Hulu activation code.
  • That’s all. 

How to Activate Hulu on Android TV

  • Launching and signing in to your Hulu app would automatically display your activation code.
  • Copy this activation code and visit Hulu’s activation website.
  • Once on this website, enter your Hulu activation code in the box provided and click “Activate.”
  • You would get a confirmation upon activation and in about a minute, you should start streaming on your Android TV. 

You can download Hulu on the device where you intend to watch your content and provide your log-in info to activate it. Alternatively, you can follow device-specific steps that differ depending on the device from where you intend to watch Hulu.