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Activate Live Streaming Service on Your Device

The live streaming service offers a wide range of entertainment, including drama, soap operas, and children's programming, as well as documentaries, cuisine and leisure, and sports. To enable the live streaming service on your device, such as Roku, Android TV, Apple TV and other Smart TVs, you need to activate and connect your account first.

How to Activate Live Streaming Service on Your Device:

The first step is to ensure that you have download the live streaming app on your device. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the service on any device. Just follow these simple steps to sign in and connect your account! 

Once you get inside the living streaming app, register yourself by filling up the sign-up form with your email address, password, etc. Finally, hit the sign-up button. 

  • Once the form is filled up, get your details verified on the activation process’s next step.
  • After you get all the verification details and complete all the steps, you will get your account.
  • After that, go to the settings to get the channel option. Select and add channels to your account.
  • If you face difficulties with the channel activation code on your streaming device, go to the web browser and access your account through there.
  • You can visit TV Activate official site if you’re still facing issues.
  • Ensure that you fill out all the details, including a check on the terms of service box, without any mistakes.
  • Once you are done with that, click on the Activate button to activate your live streaming service and enjoy unlimited entertainment. 

If you don’t receive any text or email within 5 minutes, tap the arrow at the top left to return and check that the phone number or email address provided is correct and try again.